About Rosenlund Hamn

A traditional hotel with a lot of history in the walls

Long traditions

Rosenlund Hamn is today owned by Roger Halsebakk and his family. He grew up on Sandsøya as the third generation Halsebakk on the island.

In recent decades the population of the island communities has heavily decreased. Increased centralization has led to the disappearance of jobs and the lack of necessary investments. The Halsebakk family wanted to do something about it.

When Roger's daughter, Anja Halsebakk, wanted to establish herself on Sandsøya and Rosenlund Marina was put up for sale, a decision was quickly made to buy the place.

Rosenlund Marina changed its name to Rosenlund Harbor; Here, the Halsebakk family wants to create an unique meeting place that will provide new jobs and a positive ripple effects for the entire Sandsøya.

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Contact us

Rosenlund Hamn AS

6089 Sandshamn


Tel: +47 907 82 869
Mail: booking@rosenlundhamn.no